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Boilerplates: Part Two by Steve Pickering

When last we left Young Jack, he was out of wartime service, and tooling around California looking for work to support his family. Down San Francisco way around 1946, he begins to break into radio – first, surprisingly enough, as … Continue reading

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That Kind of Guy by Vincent Teninty

Vince Teninty plays the role of William McCaffee in A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes. The following is a story he shared during a rehearsal last week. –SEB It was something like three in the morning when I got … Continue reading

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Boilerplates by Steve Pickering

Part One: It is perhaps because of my more than passing resemblance to actor Michael (The Shield) Chiklis that the Mighty Pine Box folks have asked me to jot down a few notes regarding the history of the police procedural … Continue reading

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Four Weeks From Opening. The First Rehearsal.

We’re about to start my absolutely favorite part of the entire rehearsal process—at least as an actor—the first rehearsal. There’s always been something vaguely romantic to me about that first rehearsal: strangers meeting around a table, mug of freshly sharpened … Continue reading

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Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes … and she’s gone.

I grew up in a small town in West Virginia and I was really the first person in my family to not only apply to colleges, but to show any interest in blowing past that third stop light and heading … Continue reading

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