Four Weeks From Opening. The First Rehearsal.

We’re about to start my absolutely favorite part of the entire rehearsal process—at least as an actor—the first rehearsal.

There’s always been something vaguely romantic to me about that first rehearsal: strangers meeting around a table, mug of freshly sharpened pencils in the middle, maybe some chocolate (hint hint), fresh binders, still-warm script paper.

No one really knows what to say to each other. There’s a bit of sizing each other up. There are always a few actors who know each other really well.

I was never one of those.

I was the actor who sat in my chair, exciting to get started but mortified that these amazing people I was surrounded by would find me out—that I would been exposed as the completely self-conscious and border-line neurotic actor I was.

And then something magical would always happen: The actors would start in on the script. The energy in the room would start to crackle. And as they got deeper and deeper into the page count everything else melted away. Fear, anxiety, it all went out the window. Everyone would start to find their rhythm.

And everyone was thankful, for the opportunity to be in a room full of people where judgment has no place, where you are free to create this amazing, wonderful world together.

Tomorrow I get to see that world from the other side of the table. I get to sit back and watch an amazing cast of giving, talented, fearless actors help to create the world I wrote about. The characters I put down on these bound pages get to spring to life. Get to walk. Get to love. Get to breathe.

Four weeks of rehearsal and A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes officially opens. And I could not be more excited.

Stay tuned.

–Joshua Rollins

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